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Short film, released 2021.


One woman’s just deserts!

Choosing a path of least resistance as a nun, Sister Caritas, in this compelling and intimate story of her life, meets her old adversary Christina, now a mute stroke victim placed in Caritas’ care. Years before Christina had unsuccessfully challenged Caritas over her sexual abuse of children, including Christina’s own son. That time the church had closed ranks and Caritas was moved from looking after children to caring for the elderly. Caritas is secure in her own position still and seeks to justify her abusive nature. All Christina can do is smile as she knows she has set in motion a legal attack on Caritas’ once she herself has died.

'Why are you smiling?' stars Maggie Evans, with a solo piece sung by Cormac Thompson and music composed by Jude Litoff.

The film is available on You Tube now.

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