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Retribution is not just the refuge of the angry and the weak.


Charlotte, a septuagenarian Freemason, uses her innate influence, her scheming mind and her granddaughter's role as a rookie policewoman to wreak revenge on the one person who has ruined her life.

The culture of urban exploration is explored in this story, one which supports an underground community which it is easy for a serial killer to infiltrate in order to attract her victims. These explorers can be likened to Freemasons as an organisation that is secret, with its own language and code of conduct. Charlotte a high ranking female Freemason, recognises in a case that her granddaughter is investigating a way to have her revenge on her son in law who murdered his wife, Charlotte's daughter. There is much to contend with in order for her to reach her goal not least a couple of senior police officers who are also part of the Freemasons, who try everything in their power to avert the public's eyes from the serial killer's MO that of killing Freemasons.

Feature Screenplay, ready for production.

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