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A Play. Ready for Production.

Feature screenplay in development.


No one is always right.

A guilt-ridden and bitter woman, trapped by her daughter’s severe disability, attends her funeral, to make amends and to lay her own ghosts to rest but instead is shocked to meet her runaway former husband and father of her child, who has much to answer for.

A formerly married couple, long time divorced, meet at the funeral of their severely disabled daughter. Sparks fly, fuelled by resentment and long held assumptions on both sides.


Can they find a way through all the years of regret, pain, abuse and prejudice? In this, no holds barred, two hander, we learn about both lives, as each person has their say at last. Can they move on now that their daughter has gone.

Initial scene readthrough by Nigel Bray and Michelle Relf

RegretsNigel Bray and Michelle Relf
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