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A Comedy of Corruption

A group of misfits who sit on the management committee of a mental health charity meet on three separate occasions, all of which are travesties of proper meetings.


Each character has their own reasons for being involved, including one young man who has inveigled himself into the committee whilst being employed by an unscrupulous pharmaceuticals company.

How will this end? Who, if anyone, can stop this young man from playing out the conflict of interest he exhibits?

What ensues is a comedy of errors, a tragic misuse of power and a sad example of how not to manage an organisation.

I am joined in this project by Mel England, an American Actor and producer.

A political comedy play, ready for production.

Do we really know what we would do in the same situation?

Ans. a Jewish Nazi-collaborator trapped in occupied Amsterdam, wreaks havoc on her community, in order to save herself. Has fate handed her this life or is an arch-manipulator to blame?

A decades long and epic battle finally unravelling in Nazi occupied Amsterdam between two lesbians, one a Gentile,  one a Jew.

This piece is about Ans van Dijk a Jewish, Lesbian Nazi Collaborator. It looks at the dichotomy between Ans as victim and as survival-led aggressor. It recounts what led her to betray her fellow Jews, even her own family and also to the betrayal of perhaps the most famous Jewish girl in Europe at that time.

"My goodness! Very Powerful!" Susan Penhaligon.

Feature Screenplay Ready for Optioning and Production


They were 'Liverpool's Bounty'


One woman’s story reflected in everywoman’s story.

A strong woman, abused by her kinfolk as a child, experiencing the Irish Famine, resolves to leave her beloved homeland seeking a better life, whilst all the time defying life itself to do its worst.

Liverpool’s Bounty is a play based on the life of the author’s great great grandmother.


This woman survived the Irish Famine, having already survived physical, sexual and emotional abuse from the men in her family for years.

Play, ready for Production. Screenplay in development



No one is always right.

A guilt-ridden and bitter woman, trapped by her daughter’s severe disability, attends her funeral, to make amends and to lay her own ghosts to rest but instead is shocked to meet her runaway former husband and father of her child, who has much to answer for.

A formerly married couple, long time divorced, meet at the funeral of their severely disabled daughter. Sparks fly, fuelled by resentment and long held assumptions on both sides.


Can they find a way through all the years of regret, pain, abuse and prejudice? In this, no holds barred, two hander, we learn about both lives, as each person has their say at last. Can they move on now that their daughter has gone.

Initial scene readthrough by Nigel Bray and Michelle Relf

A Play. Ready for Production.

Feature screenplay in development.

RegretsNigel Bray and Michelle Relf
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