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Do we really know what we would do in the same situation?

Ans. a Jewish Nazi-collaborator trapped in occupied Amsterdam, wreaks havoc on her community, in order to save herself. Has fate handed her this life or is an arch-manipulator to blame?

A decades long and epic battle finally unravelling in Nazi occupied Amsterdam between two lesbians, one a Gentile,  one a Jew.

This piece is about Ans van Dijk a Jewish, Lesbian Nazi Collaborator. It looks at the dichotomy between Ans as victim and as survival-led aggressor. It recounts what led her to betray her fellow Jews, even her own family and also to the betrayal of perhaps the most famous Jewish girl in Europe at that time.


We see her tortured early family life, her misguided marriage and her journey towards lesbianism. She was a creative, a business woman who in other circumstances could have lived out her life in relative obscurity.


As it is she is known as the only female collaborator in the Netherlands who was executed for crimes against her people.

This piece raises more questions than answers which in war is often the case.


"My Goodness! Very powerful!"

 Susan Penhaligon.

Feature Screenplay Ready for Optioning and Production

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