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26/08 No Goodbyes Screening at San Francisco Queer Film Festival

Up for Best Drama short at              San Antonio LGBT Film Festival

September 8th screening at Burbank Film Festival

Short film, released 2021.


Love In A Concentration Camp.


One gay man's journey of survival in the camps during world war two.

What lengths will you go to survive when the world you knew has been ripped away from you? If you’re a young gay man in a concentration camp, what are your options? What is more important? Love or survival? Is it possible to achieve both? How would you navigate a gay love triangle in such a place?

'No Goodbyes' is a film exploring these themes and stars Luc CloptonMel EnglandJohan Gran and Antoine Perry. 'No Goodbyes' also stars David LengaHolocaust Survivor and Lecturer, who at the age of 93, is still speaking out about anti-semitism and now homophobia. Written by Emmy-Nominated William Clift and Award winning Simon O’Corra and directed by  Billy Clift. This film was produced by Here TV and with a score by Jeff Faustman. This film speaks to a subject that has, for far too long, been hidden from view. The strong cast and production group have lovingly brought this story to life, and with the help of David Lenga, has brought the subject to a whole new range of audiences, including that of the Holocaust Survivors community. Since June 2021 the film is complete and streaming on Amazon Prime and Here TV. Click on either link to watch.

"No Goodbyes” (June 4, Here TV)

“No Goodbyes,” premiering on June 4, is a story, based on true events, about a gay concentration camp captive who falls in love with his Nazi guard. Co-written by Simon O'Corra and Billy Clift and directed by Billy Clift, the short film stars 92-year-old Holocaust survivor David Lenga

VARIETY magazine


'A beautiful and meaningful film'​

Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles.

Total tear jerker, to imagine many people feared being who they are and suffered at the hands of others. This short film left me wanting to know more.

Kerry Clifton


Thought provoking, poignant, sad all rolled into one. Fabulous acting, wonderful writing, really enjoyed it and wanted it to be longer.

Dorrie Allen

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