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The Ultimate Portrait

One man’s life long love affair reaches its conclusion set against the hounding of gay men by the Nazis during the Holocaust and the intervening years up to the new millennium.


An ageing gay artist advertises for a young model for his final portrait. A young man responds. During the session the young man is asked to wear a replica of a back-breaking stone carrier used in the Nazi concentration camp of Mathausen.

The wearing of this contraption arouses unexpected and heightened emotions within and between them both. The old man comes to the realisation that the young man is, himself, ultimately reconfigured and caught in a parallel world of seven year cycles since 1944, when he was 28.

The old man is now 84 as the new millennium dawns. Both men have experienced the same life but on different planes that have now collided. The piece explores the realities of the War years for both of them and each person learns things they never knew, as they remember a shared long dead lover who was murdered by the Nazis.

Resolution is achieved for both parties as one ceases to haunt the other and the other finds the ultimate completion of his life by painting his last portrait as death draws ever closer.


Jane Sanger of Lumino Productions is collaborating in the production of this short film.


Anthony, ageing Jewish gay artist - Ian Lieber.

Tony, young Jewish gay artist (young version of Anthony)   - Simeon Oakes.

Manfred, Anthony / Tony's dead lover  - Jason Imlach

Alexander, Greek prisoner, Niko El Santo Zavero

SS Kommandant, Chris Wilson, who is an experienced actor having been in hundreds of films, who specialises in many countries different army and forces officers and police officers. His scenes where Manfred and Anthony are first incarcerated and forced to wear the pink triangle are shown in flashback.

Prisoner on the Steps, Osh Veda

S.S. Guard - Chris Wilson

Short film, in  production.


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