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A Dutch woman holds firm against the Nazis and the Church with her own quiet and determined actions, in order to seek justice for her family and defeat the evil machinations of Caritas, an evil nun.

The collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 evokes deep seated emotions in the minds of two aged women locked in a co-dependent relationship stretching back to before the Second World War. After so many decades both hold their own opinions and truths.

A family saga set between 1929 and 1989 in the Netherlands. The two main characters are Anthonius and Christina, a married couple. The first half focusses on the Nazi occupation and explores the complexities of resistance and collaboration, set against the art of indecision.

During the 1940s Anthonius at once provides shelter to Jews and also mechanical assistance to the Nazis. Alternatively Christina’s personality allows her to resist the arrogance of both the Nazis and the local Right Wing groups. She has a bakery shop and is feared throughout the city for her audacity and her desire for the right form of behaviour expected by her as a shopkeeper.

During the second part we see Christina, aged 85, having suffered a stroke, and Sister Caritas, also aged 85, who is Christina’s carer, forced into a bitter battle. The pair have decades of history throughout the Occupation and since then. Sister Caritas was a child sex abuser in the 1960s and 1970s and Christina knew about this, her son was even a victim but she was silenced by the Church when she tried to bring Caritas to justice. As their lives draw to a close a great reckoning is coming.

This film is seeking investment.

Feature Screenplay, ready for production.

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