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Just When You Think It Is Safe....

Forty year old abuse re-surfaces when Agnes, a pensioner, who has emerging care needs, is introduced, by friends, to a woman who once ordered her children taken away.

Casting January 2023, Filming May 2023.

“Simon O’Corra is a not only a prolific writer, he’s also a very talented one. His scripts are always witty and his characters are superbly drawn.   I loved reading “Breaking The Cycle”. It has great roles for middle aged and older women actors too. Wonderful. Why do so many writers ignore these stories?  There’s a rich seam to mine here and Simon O’Corra does so.

These roles are not the usual stereotypical ones we find in so many plays.

They are interesting, layered and nuanced. What a joy to find a writer who recognises the importance of such stories and keeps us engaged throughout without falling back on cliches and who delivers a fine ending!"

Rosemary Hill

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