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                               "Homosexuals are not Cowards"

A Dutch homosexual artist and writer, in Nazi occupied Amsterdam, decides to lead a group in the bombing of the Population Registry, in order to save Jews, not knowing that his Nazi nemesis is a former lover. 

In 1943 a Resistance cell in Amsterdam, planned and undertook a direct action by blowing up the Population Registry, managing to destroy 11000 census cards, thereby protecting the people named on them.

This cell was led by noted homosexual Willem Arondeus, with support from his gay friend Sjoerd and world renowned cellist Frieda Belinfante.

Until recently no one knew of the exploits of these queer patriots and this film seeks to redress that omission.

All bar Frieda were caught and executed but Arondeus remained steadfast in his patriotism and his sexuality until the end.

Feature Screenplay Ready for Optioning and Production

Treatment available.


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